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We have secured in access of Eight Million US Dollars $ 8,178,000/- in scholarships & financial aid for our students


College affordability is a challenge for many families. Students get assistance by Under Graduate Scholarships and Graduate Fellowships to pay for their education. Every year several thousands of individual and corporate sponsors provide hundreds of thousands of scholarships to students meeting a wide variety of eligibility conditions. The majority of financial aid and scholarships come directly from the colleges.

Many private colleges and universities require a financial aid application called the College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile to be submitted by the students, which is available fall of senior year. If you are applying early decision, be sure to fill it out by November 1 of senior year. At the latest, it is best to complete it by February 1 of senior year. Be sure to check the college’s website because deadlines may differ! 

To apply for student financial aid, a student must submit the College Scholarship Service (CSS). Before you prepare your CSS profile, it’s advised that you get to know it a little better and seek professional guidance. In doing so, you may be able to qualify for more financial aid, helping you further along the path of going to your dream college.

As a student, you should apply for aid every year as being unsuccessful once, doesn’t mean that things won’t change the next year. A number of factors can affect your eligibility for Aid. Such as a change in family’s income or a new inevitable expense added to the family’s financial liabilities.

While student loans need to be repaid, scholarships and financial aid are not to be repaid.

We at The Ivy Prep, understand the financial aid and scholarship needs of our students, brief our students about the availability of a wide range of scholarships and financial aid options, guide them to choose the financial solution that suits them the most and work with them to make them succeed in securing their targeted finance awarded.

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