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Why Hire a College Counselor


Why hire an independent college counsellor?
A single individual working as a Guidance Counsellor for all the students of a high school is a normal practice in Pakistan. Just imagine the amount of workload these counsellors have and guess how much of personal attention they can provide to each and every high school student. As a parent, you won’t get more than a couple of hours with the school counsellor to talk about a highly competitive process like an Ivy League admission. The maths is very simple, too many students, too little time.
Our student counsellors at The Ivy Prep are accessible round the clock and spend countless hours with our students in brain storming sessions about college admission essays and work tirelessly with the students to make these essays perfect.
There are several other aspects of a student’s candidacy which school counsellors can’t address because either they don’t have the required skills and expertise or simply the don’t have enough time.
We, at The Ivy Prep strive continuously to make sure our students get in to the admission process with the most comprehensive and impressive profiles possible.

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